App Helps Cold Storage Facilities Improve Energy Use

by | Oct 4, 2021

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Star Refrigeration is releasing an app that will help temperature-controlled storage facilities compare their energy use across the industry to help them find their most efficient use of power.

Users of the UK company’s app will apply details of a refrigeration plant’s energy consumption and the volume of the facility with an option to add the price of the electricity they are using. The app then calculates how that plant compares to other sites across Europe to reveal what the facility can do to cut energy and carbon emissions, which will also lead potential financial savings, the company says.

Temperature-controlled storage facility operators will compare their energy consumption based on the UK’s 1994 and 2019 best practice benchmark, Star Refrigeration says, along with the European standard which represents the averages from nearly 300 sites across Europe.

Star Refrigeration says its research shows modern and well-maintained temperature-controlled storage facilities can cut energy use by as much as 30% compared to numbers that were accepted from 25 years ago.

Cold storage facilities demand a high amount of energy. Estimates say up to 70% of energy use for these facilities is from electricity for refrigeration, thus heightening the need to find ways to improve efficiency. Star Refrigeration says energy costs make up 60% of total cost of a facility.

The company hopes the app can play a big role in reducing the cold store sector’s overall emissions and will help businesses see how their facilities compare to others across the industry and to help the industry get closer to reaching net zero goals.

Recently cold-storage tech company Nostromo raised $13.6 million for its clean energy storage system that it is implementing in buildings and facilities in a variety of industries as one example of adding to energy efficiency options in the area.

Star Refrigeration says use of the app could also help businesses in the UK cut to 90% on the Climate Change Levy they currently owe. The Climate Change Levy is an environmental tax in the UK that is charged on the energy businesses use to encourage more efficient energy use.

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