IBM Power E1080 Server Promotes Big Increase in Energy Efficiency

(Credit: IBM)

by | Sep 9, 2021

(Credit: IBM)

IBM has introduced the Power E1080 server, the first to be used on its Power10 processer, which the company says will use artificial intelligence and technology improvements to make hybrid cloud environments significantly more efficient.

The new server will cut overall energy use by 33% compared to the previous Power E980 server, IBM says, which can reduce costs and carbon footprint for users.

The E1080 delivers up to 30% more performance per core, the company says, and has more than 50% the total capacity of its predecessor using the same energy utilization, leading to the savings. With the product, users could consolidate a database running on 126 servers down to two, an 80% reduction in server energy use. That increased efficiency also means server performs five-times faster than the E980.

The Power10 processer is integrating AI capabilities around Linux containers and Red Hat OpenShift, helping to make it more secure and accessible across platforms, IBM says. The processer can run the AI directly in business applications and run close to data sources to provide faster and more accurate machine learning.

OpenShift combined with the Power10 accelerates business insights and is designed to eliminate special systems and attached accelerators, thus cutting operating costs as well, IBMsays. It has also increased the working efficiency in cloud environments by more than four times compared to previous products.

The Power E1080 has new security tools designed for the hybrid cloud, including transparent memory encryption, which allows for no additional management set up. It has four-times the encryption engines per core and security software for every level of a platform, IBM says.

IBM improves the AI capabilities with four matrix math accelerator (MMA) engines per core. The increased MMAs allow for hardware focused improvement, the company says, while supporting IBM’s auto-AI and no code tools. The Power E1080 supports Open Neural Network Exchange (ONNX) and can use frameworks like TensorFlow and PyTorch from x86-based servers with no code changes needed, the company says.

Additionally, IMB says the server delivers continuous availability and has 25% less downtime than comparable products.

IBM has been focused on reducing energy consumption and carbon footprint. It recently announced 21 sustainability goals, that include numerous energy conservation objectives.

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