Fort Benning Generates Big Bucks with Project to Boost Energy Savings

(Energy meter; credit: Honeywell)

by | Aug 6, 2021

(Energy meter; credit: Honeywell)

Honeywell announced today the next phase of a modernization project with Fort Benning, a US Army post located on the border of Alabama and Georgia, to improve energy resilience and create a more comfortable living and working environment for Fort Benning soldiers. The upcoming steps of this project will help significantly reduce energy consumption on the base and generate $1.4 million in annual energy savings.

The energy and operational savings achieved by the new measures will self-fund the project, eliminating the need for up-front capital investment. Honeywell will update more than 300 buildings, covering approximately 11.2 million square feet of Fort Benning’s total 26 million square feet of floorage. The project includes a utility monitoring and control system (UMCS), communication and cybersecurity upgrades, LED lighting, lighting controls and occupancy sensors, and building envelope improvements such as sealing cracks, gaps and holes and window solar film.

Fort Benning will also receive an upgrade that ties in another Honeywell business, Tridium, by using Niagara Analytics. This technology will help Fort Benning to more effectively and efficiently collect data and make faster, better-informed decisions based on real and timely information, a critical step toward building a more secure and resilient group of facilities, Honeywell says.

The project represents the next phase of a 25-year energy savings performance contract (ESPC) awarded to Honeywell in 2019 by Fort Benning, with a total project value of $43 million.

Other bases that have improved their efficiency include Fort Hunter Liggett, which recently announced “goals to achieve net zero energy, while also attaining US Army Directives to achieve Critical Mission Resiliency.”

Honeywell is also currently involved in many related projects such as its investment in TPG Rise Climate, a climate impact investing fund geared toward “entrepreneurs and businesses building climate solutions around the world,” and a partnership with Nexii Building Solutions which it says will help builders save on construction and energy costs.

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