Monitoring & Reporting on Air Emissions for Regulators and the Real World

by | Feb 17, 2021

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As organizations increasingly tie air emissions management and reporting to their overall sustainability goals, an already complex job is becoming ever-more unwieldy. In the new ebook from Environment + Energy Leader, Monitoring & Reporting on Air Emissions for Regulators and the Real World, industry experts share practical advice on how to manage these challenges.

The Struggle…

When it comes to managing the compliance and regulatory issues surrounding air emissions, there are no easy jobs. Organizations must monitor their emissions, compile reports for regulatory bodies, remain in compliance with operating permits, and keep track of reporting dates and changes to state and federal regulations — and to accomplish these tasks, they are often required to manage and analyze massive numbers of data points.

Additionally, organizations are increasingly choosing to tie their air emissions in with overall environmental performance, and to voluntarily report on their progress towards meeting lofty sustainability and GHG reduction goals.

Organizations with mature EHS programs tend to have a number of elements in common, according to experts quoted in the report. These include:

—Conformity in calculations across systems;
—Automated data collection and reporting;
—Single data source for compliance and for sustainability/voluntary reporting.

Moving Forward

But not all organizations have reached this level of emissions management, and those that are still early in the journey may be falling behind. “Anyone still trying to do it by hand is getting more and more behind the eight-ball,” says Jason Swallow, environmental systems analyst with American Electric Power.

The ESG space faces the potential for enormous upheaval. What can you do to prepare? The new ebook gives professionals practical advice on advancing their air emissions monitoring and reporting programs, no matter where they are along the journey. 

Download Monitoring & Reporting on Air Emissions for Regulators and the Real World ebook now.

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