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(Credit: Gensuite)

by | Jul 2, 2020

(Credit: Gensuite)

(Note: Gensuite Product Steward is a winner of an E+E Leader Top Product of the Year Award. Gensuite VP and strategy executive Donavan Hornsby will present at 11:00 am ET during the Environment + Energy Leader Awards Summit on July 21. Register here.)

What the Judges Said…

“This solution allows companies to move beyond discerning whether key suppliers submitted to external carbon assessments. It’s a game-changer for product manufacturing decisions.”

Gensuite Product Steward, part of the company’s Product Stewardship and Sustainability software suite, aims to streamline product compliance, product sustainability, and supply chain sustainability programs. Users can centralize and automate upstream supplier and manufacturer engagement and data collection to help inform smart, environmentally-sound product design and production activities.

By better understanding regulatory compliant materials and materials with the highest composition of recycled content, product teams can design and make products that are safer for the environment, the workers manufacturing them, and end users, Gensuite said. Organizations can collect and validate upstream supplier and manufacturer information on sustainability goals, policies, and practices that have direct community effects, and affect products made by downstream manufacturers and assemblers.

Gensuite Product Steward allows organizations to address product and supply chain compliance obligations as well as market-driven or customer-driven sustainability objectives. Through Gensuite’s web-based Supplier Portal, organizations can centralize upstream supplier and manufacturer engagement. The Supplier Portal provides industry-standard templates for due diligence questionnaires, and a custom questionnaire creation option.

Product Steward also connects with internal enterprise resource planning systems such as SAP and Oracle as well as product engineering systems like PLM. This enables integrated, automated data-sharing and better informed decision-making around product design and product life-cycle management.

Organizations across industry sectors use Product Steward to manage several million products, component materials, and associated regulatory, market, and customer-related product compliance and sustainability requirements and initiatives.

A complete list of E+E Award Winners will be announced during the live Awards Summit on July 21, 2020. Register here.

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