EnFocus™: Bringing Human-Centric Lighting To Every Building

by | Jul 7, 2020

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The patent-pending EnFocus™ lighting control platform enables existing buildings to implement human-centric lighting (HCL), including flicker-free, dimmable (EnFocus™ DM) and tunable (EnFocus™ DCT), as well as circadian lighting capabilities, at a fraction of the cost—as low as one-third to one-eighth—of any other available control technology today, particularly for the retrofit applications. To facilitate HCL, simply replace existing wall switches and fluorescent or tubular LEDs with our EnFocus™ switches and EnFocus™ LED lamps without additional wiring or wireless communication protocol, eliminating the cost- prohibitive complexity, labor and time involved with traditional lighting control systems. And since EnFocus™ enables controlled lighting through a lamp-based solution and keeps existing fixtures in place, it reduces solid waste by over 90% throughout the product lifecycle and thereby achieves the lowest carbon footprint among lighting control systems.

Circadian lighting has proven to improve occupant mood, comfort and sleep, as well as increase learning and work productivity by over 20%, resulting in financial and human benefits far greater than energy savings. Facilities can now affordably increase lighting energy efficiency, lower carbon footprint and enhance employee well-being through this breathtakingly simple and powerful control lighting platform.

Featured Speakers

James Tu
Chairman and CEO
Energy Focus

Mr. Tu is an avid entrepreneur, investor and advocate for LED and human-centric lighting technologies. As the Chairman & CEO of Energy Focus, Inc., he has led the company to develop breakthrough, sustainable and award-winning LED lighting technologies and products that light up mission-critical facilities for world-leading organizations such as the U.S. Navy, National Institutes of Health, and many other healthcare, educational, government and Fortune 500 organizations.

Mr. Tu received his BS in Electrical Engineering from Tsinghua University and MBA in Finance from Baruch College. He was a recipient of “E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year” award in 2016.

John Davenport
Chief Scientist
Energy Focus

Mr. Davenport is a globally recognized expert in light source physics and lighting technologies. Starting his career at GE Lighting as a Research Scientist and later becoming Head of Research, he developed numerous pioneering lighting products including the blue Xenon headlamps currently used in motor vehicles. Since joining Energy Focus in 2001, Mr. Davenport has led the development of a wide range of advanced fiber optic and LED lighting products.

Mr. Davenport received his BS and MS degrees in Physics from John Carroll University. He was inducted into “GE Hall of Fame” in 2014 and is an author of more than 125 patents.

I am passionate and experienced runner, mentor and sales leader with Sustainability, EHSQ and Supply Chain software sales expertise. My entire career has been spent helping companies keep their internal and external stakeholders safe while improving their overall environmental performance.

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