Regulatory Changes Combined with Technological Advances Have Created Some Attractive Opportunities for Plant Operators

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by | Jun 11, 2020

On this webinar, you will learn new optimized techniques that are being used to measure formaldehyde and other HAPs emissions at much lower concentrations than can be detected using the standard methods.  These techniques can provide continuous and real-time data useful in combustion tuning, compliance, engineering, and demonstration of combustion or post-combustion controls.

Key takeaways will include:

  1. Regulatory actions
  2. Measurement technologies and test data
  3. Future Applications
    • More compounds
    • Potential financial savings
    • Enhanced operational insight

This webinar is designed for environmental decision makers, environmental managers, plant engineers, and plant operations managers.

Bob Finken
Senior Vice President
Montrose Environmental Group

Bob Finken a Senior Vice President for Montrose Environmental Group. He has been active in air emissions measurement since 1978 when he began working for KVB. Since then, Mr. Finken has been actively involved in technical and managerial roles pertaining to stack testing for ESA, Carnot, and Delta Air Quality Services. Mr. Finken served as President of the Source Evaluation Society from 2005 through 2013 where he continues to be active. He was inducted into the Stack Sampling Hall of Fame in 2005. Mr. Finken has earned Qualitied Stack Test Individual (QSTI) Status in Groups I, II, III, & IV (QSTI #2004-003). He is a member of AWMA, ASTM, TNI, STAC, SES, and ISA –

Blake Ericson
Project Manager
Montrose Environmental Group

Blake Ericson is a Project Manager for Montrose Environmental Group. Mr. Ericson has 5 years of experience in the fields of air quality management, engineering, and regulatory testing; primarily involving FTIR and GC-FTIR technologies. He began as chemist and analyst for Prism Analytical Technologies in February 2015. Since then he has completed >120 individual projects both solo and with teams throughout the United States and internationally. Mr. Ericson received his MBA and BS in Biochemistry from Central Michigan University.

Phil Kauppi
District Manager
Montrose Environmental Group

Phil Kauppi is the Mt. Pleasant, MI District Manager for Montrose Environmental Group. Mr. Kauppi has 22 years of experience in the field of FTIR based emissions testing; including research & development, FTIR system optimization, engineering, compliance, and industry emissions studies. He began his career as chemist Prism Analytical Technologies in July, 1998. Mr. Kauppi received his BS in Chemistry from Central Michigan University.

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