Experts Explain Investor Enthusiasm for Integrated Reporting in New eBook from E+E Leader

by | Jun 29, 2020

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“When investors express something to leadership, that’s when things happen fastest,” says Peter Perrault, senior manager of circular economy and sustainable solutions for Enel X in a new ebook from Environment + Energy Leader. So what, exactly, are investors asking for these days? Integrated reporting.

When global investment manager BlackRock published its open letter in January of 2020, informing clients of the firm’s commitment to help them on their journey of sustainable investing, it confirmed what many sustainability professionals already knew: mainstream investors increasingly believe that ESG metrics have a direct impact on risk and return.

BlackRock’s letter served as a clear indication that investors believe, more than ever, that effectively managing sustainability issues over the long-term is likely to improve business performance in the form of:

• Reduced operating costs;
• Enhanced reputation;
• Greater resilience to risks; and
• Potential for competitive advantage.

What does this increase in investor interest in a company’s ESG performance mean for commercial and industrial organizations? One of the most important results of this shift is that investors are increasingly asking companies to incorporate ESG data into their financial reporting.

But how does integrated reporting work, and how can organizations get started on this complicated process? In the How to Marry ESG & Financial Reporting to Reap Big Benefits ebook, six experts share advice, tips and tactics for integrating sustainability and financial reporting.

”It would not be advisable to assume that you know what all these stakeholders think is important,” says one expert. For more, download How to Marry ESG & Financial Reporting to Reap Big Benefits today.

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