Spotlight on Award Winners: Asia Pulp & Paper

(Credit: Asia Pulp & Paper)

by | Jan 14, 2020

(Credit: Asia Pulp & Paper)

Winners of the elite Environment + Energy Leader Awards program, now it in its eighth year, are selected from across a variety of industries based on their success in providing significant sustainability and energy management results. With the 2020 extended submission deadline looming, we’re revisiting some of 2019’s Top Product of the Year Award and Top Project of the Year Award winners in case you missed them the first time around.

Prizes for winners include promotion across a wide audience of environment and energy management professionals, glowing quotes from unbiased judges across the industry to use in marketing materials (like the enthusiastic one below), air time during an exclusive webinar, and more.

Now, check out 2o19 Top Product of the Year Award winner Asia Pulp & Paper. Here’s what the judges had to say about the companies’ project, Foopak Bio Natura Biodegradable Packaging:

What the judges said…

“At a time when plastic packaging is filling our oceans, this compostable product fills an important need in the consumables space.”

About the product:

Foopak Bio Natura paperboard is a 100% compostable, recyclable, plastic-free, and environmentally friendly paperboard created in response to consumer demand. The paperboard, which was specifically designed for hot and cold beverage cups and other food packaging, can sustain heat up to 440°F. Bio Natura can be used for microwave boxes, frozen dairy containers, and baking trays to provide the food and restaurant industries with sustainable packaging solutions, APP says.

A paper and packaging report that APP commissioned in 2017 found that customers are willing to pay more for sustainable food packaging, with just over half ranking biodegradable as an important food packaging product attribute. At the same time, more major brands have been changing their practices to reduce plastic waste created by cups, straws, and other food packaging.

Bio Natura uses a proprietary water-based coating that APP calls a sustainable and environmentally responsible alternative to polyethylene-based moisture barriers. The coating eliminates the need for a lengthy, expensive stripping process because the product can be fully composted. Foopak Bio Natura cup stock is FDA-certified and meets the standards with the FTC’s Green Guides for biodegradability and compostability. APP says that Isega Institute testing shows scientific evidence the stock can completely break down and return to nature in 12 weeks. In addition, Bio Natura is safe for municipal or home composting.

APP recently formed a partnership with Paptech, a full-service printing, packaging manufacturer and distributor based in Mexico. Paptech’s customer M. Sushi, a chain of more than 50 restaurants in Mexico, was looking for a sustainable takeout packaging solution that would preserve freshness even when food gets refrigerated and prevent soy sauce or other liquids from leaking. By utilizing the Foopak Bio Natura paperboard, APP says that M. Sushi is keeping tons of polystyrene and polyethylene-laminate paperboard out of landfills each year.

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Good news: The deadline for the 2020 Environment + Energy Leader Awards has been extended to January 20! Get details about submitting your entry here.

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