How Solar Plus Storage Saves Money, Creates Resilience: An In-Depth Look

by | Oct 9, 2019

As commercial and industrial organizations look to make their companies more energy resilient, on-site solar has been growing in popularity – and recently, many organizations have begun to evaluate whether to pair solar with energy storage, not just to save money on their bills, but also for backup power.

Solar plus storage systems can provide several key benefits. “You’ll have the best business case when you have a combination of high solar output, high energy and demand charges that you’re avoiding, and incentives that help defray those capital costs,” advises Phil Martin, VP of business development for energy solutions company Enel X North America, in a new e-book published by Environment + Energy Leader.

At the same time, regulations restricting energy storage siting, physical space constraints, and confusion over storage system capabilities represent challenges that could trip up even the most well-intentioned energy management strategy.

In C&I Solar Plus Storage: Challenges & Opportunities, experts like Martin discuss the opportunities and challenges facing the companies hoping to benefit from solar plus storage.

The in-depth report covers:

  • solar plus storage fundamentals
  • the shifting North American market
  • key elements of “making the resilience case”
  • emerging technologies
  • 3 case studies from successful implementations
  • financing options
  • exploration of solar plus storage in five key states
  • and more

The e-book, sponsored by Enel X North America, takes stakeholders through the most important considerations needed when looking at a potential solar plus storage installation. Download here.

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