Finding the Hidden Costs in Your Energy Data

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by | Sep 30, 2019

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Commercial and industrial energy consumers often miss opportunities to reduce energy costs simply because they cannot identify them. Many of these hidden cost drivers can be resolved with little to no investment, and the longer they go unnoticed, the more expensive they become.

This live, 30-minute webinar will break down how to use data from utility bills and energy meters to make informed decisions about operations, efficiency projects, and energy supply agreements that can reduce portfolio-wide energy costs.

Register for this webinar to learn:

  • How energy data can reveal opportunities to manage sitelevel consumption strategically
  • Nocost ways to reduce costs by validating and optimizing tariffs and demand charges
  • Recommendations to eliminate the administrative burden of tracking and reporting portfoliowide renewable energy and emissions

Alex Scherzer
Product Marketing Manager
Enel X North America

Alex is a Product Marketing Manager for Enel X North America’s Energy Advisory solutions, responsible for understanding how large energy consumers can improve how they buy energy, track and manage cost and usage, integrate renewable energy, and improve sustainability reporting. With a background in economics and computer science, Alex is excited to help customers better manage energy and sustainability strategy through data management.

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