New Ecolab Platform Leverages 90 Billion Data Points, Enhances Industrial Water Management

by | Sep 4, 2019

(Credit: Ecolab)

Ecolab has launched a new platform that it says will help businesses reduce water use and improve operational performance. The new cloud platform, Ecolab3D, combines the company’s existing Trasar water performance solution  with advanced digital technology to improve how businesses monitor, manage and reduce water use, the company says.

Ecolab3D services for water management include 24/7 remote monitoring and analytics capabilities to help rapidly identify opportunities across sites and industries and resolve risks associated with water and other operational issues across a customer’s operation. The cloud-based digital platform, developed with support from Microsoft and Accenture, collects data from the company’s process control and monitoring systems, automation tools and other systems to create real-time alerts, optimize plant operations and benchmark performance across company sites. The platform is designed to enable customized solutions that address the specific business needs of customers, from food and beverage and power plants to manufacturing sites and hospitals.

“The growing scarcity of freshwater worldwide remains one of the most pressing issues of our time,” says Ecolab president and CEO Christophe Beck. With its ability to leverage the real-time digital capabilities, chemistry and remote monitoring of the company’s 3D Trasar technology, he says the platform will help drive global operational performance, improve asset utilization and reduce water use.

Ecolab’s 3D Trasar technology builds on 30 years of deployment and collects more than 90 billion data points annually from over 40,000 water monitoring systems around the world. Ecolab3D combines this data with information from other connected devices and third-party sources, and applies analytics to help anticipate and manage issues before they occur. The digital services within the new platform enable customized views to address specific applications or customer outcomes. It delivers data-driven insights to help customers gain greater visibility into their operations enabling faster responses and more informed decisions.

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