Product Announcement: WaterSmart IaaS Platform Lets Data Systems Talk to Each Other

by | Feb 15, 2019

WaterSmart Software, the self-service and customer engagement platform for the water utility industry, has introduced a new service offering known as Integration-as-a-Service (IaaS). 

Water utilities make substantial investments in data systems that run their operations. Unfortunately these systems often don’t share information with each other, creating data silos that leave various departments without a holistic view of operations or customer behavior. Integrating these disparate data systems is critical to generating actionable insights that can drive down costs and improve operational efficiency, the company says.

The WaterSmart self-service platform sits on top of existing utility systems including meter management, customer information, enterprise resource planning, work order management, rebate tracking, SCADA, and others. Leveraging standardized integration protocols, WaterSmart’s IaaS offers bi-directional data exchanges between previously siloed systems, resulting in improved cross-system data insights, increased service reliability, and seamless, cross-departmental communication exchange, according to the company. 

Benefits of WaterSmart’s IaaS include: 

  • Aggregated data analysis tools to drive previously invisible insights into customer behavior, water consumption, and system operations;
  • Unified business processes and data workflows between siloed, yet commonly used, systems;
  • Consolidation of user interfaces and reduction of multiple screens;”
  • Ongoing interface monitoring to ensure consistent and reliable data exchange;
  • Annual system audits to identify integration inefficiencies and plan for future interface changes.

“The water industry has suffered from a lack of standardization for decades. Isolated systems strand data and impede transparency among various utility departments,” says Kevin Kern, WaterSmart CEO. With its IaaS platform, WaterSmart can break down information silos, unlock actionable data insights, and help accelerate operational efficiency throughout the utility, he adds.

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