Product Announcement: Signify’s Interact Pro IoT-Connected Lighting

by | Oct 15, 2018

Interact Pro

(Photo: Interact Pro at Pelling Marketing By Design located in Surrey, England. Credit: Signify)

Signify has introduced Interact Pro, a multi-tasking, smart lighting system and software developed for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). The IoT-connected lighting can reduce energy costs by as much as 80% as well as help improve employee well being and productivity, according to the company.

Interact Pro is designed for small to mid-sized commercial spaces less than 25,000 square feet. It allows up to 200 light points, 15 sensors, and 15 switches per gateway to be connected and managed simultaneously so business owners and building managers can control and manage lighting, the company says. Earlier this year, Philips Lighting was renamed Signify but continues to use the Philips brand under a licensing agreement with Royal Philips.

Best suited to offices, warehouses, and parking garages, Interact Pro’s lighting sensors automatically detect whether a person is present, triggering the lights to switch on and then dim when that person leaves, reducing energy use and cost, Signify explains. The lighting sensors can also automatically detect daylight and adjust accordingly to help business users improve their energy efficiency.

The cloud-connected Internet Pro software has a web portal, gateway, dashboard, and app that displays lighting data, allowing business owners to make informed decisions about managing energy consumption and meeting sustainability targets. Signify says that the Interact IoT platform allows push notifications and security updates so the system is kept up-to-date automatically.

“Good lighting conditions can help improve people’s mood and comfort, while giving them control over their environment increases employee satisfaction and productivity,” said James Gubbins, owner of Pelling Marketing By Design in southeast England. “This is exactly what we’re experiencing in our office, where we’re boosting our productivity by using the Interact Pro app on our smart phones. For example, employees can personalize lighting in their own workspace while sensors in our staff kitchen automatically turn off lights when no one is there.”

Gubbins says that using Interact Pro has reduced his marketing services company’s energy costs by almost 80%.

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