Product Announcement: Enervee Score Version 2.0

by | Oct 5, 2018


(Image Credit: Enervee Corporation)

Software-as-a-service company Enervee has launched version 2 of its energy scoring system. Utilized by energy providers such as PG&E, Con Edison, and Southern California Edison to encourage energy-efficient purchases, the Enervee Score is part of the company’s Ideal Customer Platform.

Contractors and building owners can use the Enervee Score to choose the most efficient product and appliances via a 0-100 energy efficiency index that is applied to each product. The resulting product choices can be 10% more efficient when the score is present, according to the company.

“All but the best 10% of products score between 0 and 90 on the Enervee Score scale, with specific bands for easy recognition: Low (0-50), Average (50-75) and Good (75-90),” the company explains. “For the top 10% of products in each category, we reserve the Enervee Score range of 90-100. These top-performing products will always score 90-100 (Ideal), making it easier still to always pick the ideal products and appliances.”

For the updated version, the company extended the real scale of its score. “Now, highly efficient products are more easily visible at the top of the scale,” says Guy Champniss, a strategic advisor to Enervee. “And, maybe more importantly, the lowest performing products can now sink farther, to the bottom the scale. High-performing products now stand out from the crowd even more.”

In addition, the company adjusted their calculations so that changes in technology that substantially improve energy efficiency are more visible in the scale. “The Enervee Score will react more clearly in response to manufacturers’ successes in using the latest technology to add consumer value,” Champniss says. “This in turn creates an even stronger brand and marketing story for those companies investing in making energy-efficiency a core attribute of their products? — ?and a more dismal story, for those that aren’t.”

The Enervee Score is applied to products that include kitchen appliances, light bulbs, air conditioners, hot water heaters, and pool pumps. The company says it follows the appropriate and accepted standards on performance and energy efficiency ratings in each territory where the Ideal Customer Platform is used.

“The updated Enervee Score helps consumers, multi-family building owners, and contractors buy the most efficient products that meet their needs,” said Jennifer Thorne Amann, buildings program director for the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy.

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