Product Announcement: Rockwool Multifix Insulation Comes from Rock, Regulates Temperature

by | Aug 7, 2018

Stone wool insulation manufacturer Rockwool has released Rockwool Multifix, an insulation product with a mineral-coated fiberglass facer that, when used as an insulating coverboard over other insulations, can improve performance by regulating the temperature of the entire assembly, the company says.

Multifix is a stone wool insulation and coverboard in one. It’s used for multiple low-slope roof assemblies, reducing the number of layers and improving performance

The company rises to the problem of resource scarcity by using stone as the basis for its products, “one of the world’s most abundant natural resources.” The Rockwool Multifix has stone world dual-density properties that feature a higher-density top layer, providing strong point load resistance and effective load distribution to minimize puncture damage to the membrane, Rockwool says.

Energy efficiency is a key to facing the global challenge of climate change, Rockwool believes. “Across the C40, which includes almost 100 of the world’s greatest cities, more than 50% of greenhouse gas emissions derive from energy use in buildings,” the company states in its 2017 sustainability report. “By 2050, global building energy demand
is expected to increase by 30% if no action is taken. New buildings today can achieve as a minimum nearly zero energy levels, though reaching the Paris Climate Agreement goals requires investing in energy renovation of the existing building stock.”

The company’s technical insulation products such as Rockwool Multifix save thousands of times more energy and CO2 over their lifetime than is consumed or emitted from their raw material extraction, transport and production, Rockwool says.


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