Product Announcement: PowerLogic ION9000 and a New Version of EcoStruxure Power Monitoring Expert by Schneider Electric

by | Aug 29, 2018

Schneider Electric’s PowerLogic ION9000. Image courtesy of Schneider Electric.


Schneider Electric recently announced what it calls “the world’s most advanced, most accurate power quality meter,” the PowerLogic ION9000 series. Pace-setting advancements in IoT, event analytics, and accuracy make this newest addition to the EcoStruxure Power portfolio the most complete, most innovative power quality meter for critical power applications, according to Schneider Electric.

The PowerLogic ION9000 meter is the latest generation of advanced power quality meters to build on the legendary success of the ION7650. It offers the industry’s most advanced capabilities with five core innovations, for those who demand the highest performance from their power networks:

  • High quality performance, with third-party certified Class 0.1S accuracy – twice the precision of existing energy standards – to unlock significant new possibilities for energy savings and ensure the meter can comply with the highest performance for revenue grade applications.
  • Cyber security ready, designed to align with comprehensive grid cyber security policies, helping to eliminate vulnerabilities to critical power assets and systems.
  • Onboard power quality analysis provides useful information, not just data, and it does so via its onboard PQ tool, according to EN50160 and IEEE519 standards. The ION9000 also has extended waveform capture and patented disturbance direction detection (DDD).
  • Smart power event analysis automatically correlates related trends, events, and waveforms based on time and type of incident, saving time and providing vital insight with pre- and post-incident data.
  • Patented ION programmability allows users to adapt as their power networks become more dynamic, tailoring programming to accommodate complex electrical distribution monitoring or custom substation automation – protecting their investment into the future.

“With the pace of change today, any power system that is unable to adapt to any new standards, requirements, or certifications may be obsolete very soon”, noted Alexis Grenon, Senior Vice President of Power Solutions for Schneider Electric.

Schneider Electric also announced a rollout of the latest version of its award-winning software, EcoStruxure Power Monitoring Expert (PME). Designed to simplify management of complex power systems, this newest addition to the EcoStruxure Power edge control portfolio provides the most complete insight into critical power networks and applications, according to Schneider Electric.

Power Monitoring Expert is a key element within the EcoStruxure Power platform, part of the company’s EcoStruxure architecture, the open and interoperable system architecture for building, grid, industry and data center customers. This latest edition of PME significantly augments its industry leading edge control offers and, according to Schneider Electric, is an essential platform within a connected and integrated power distribution network.

EcoStruxure Power Monitoring Expert provides the industry’s most advanced capabilities around several new innovations:

  • Power Events Analysis:Quickly and easily uncover hidden trends and correlations to help ensure an optimized network and competitive advantage. Waveform views isolate root causes and mitigate against similar incidents.
  • Breaker Performance Module: Detect when protection settings have been changed. Analyze circuit breaker aging to enable proactive maintenance.
  • Continuous Thermal Monitoring: Avoid electrical fires using wireless busbar temperature sensors.
  • Energy Analysis Module: Model and forecast energy usage, quantify savings, meet ISO50001 requirements, and track energy performance indicators per ISO50006.
  • Multi-Site Support: Enable roll-based access to one or more sites with full time zone support.
  • Cybersecurity: Windows active directory, McAfee whitelisting, and security best practices.

In large and critical buildings, uptime and reliability is paramount. For example, power quality issues can cause outages that cost as much as $1 million+ per day, while operations and maintenance costs can represent as much as 80% of the total lifecycle cost over a 50-year period. Plus, reliability ensures productivity and operational efficiency, so when equipped with the proper data and insight, these facilities can realize new operational efficiencies, opening new avenues of innovation. EcoStruxure Power Monitoring Expert helps enable this innovation.

According to Schneider Electric, one of its customers, a major automotive manufacturer, installed an EcoStruxure Power Monitoring system that included the company’s advanced power quality meters for monitoring and troubleshooting power quality problems, helping to minimize downtime and reduce energy costs. The system paid for itself in two years, one full year ahead of schedule. These exceptional meters were superior in their ability to perform power quality and disturbance monitoring functions.


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