Integrated Waste to Loop Industries’ PET Resin Manufacturing Technology

by | Jun 27, 2018

Loop IndustriesLoop Industries is designing a new manufacturing center that can be built to upcycle waste PET and polyester fiber into virgin quality Loop PET resin and polyester fiber.

The integrated design of the manufacturing process will allow Loop to commercialize its Generation II Technology, making it possible for all forms of waste PET and polyester fiber, even ocean plastics that have been degraded by the sun and saltwater, to be fully recovered and upcycled into PET “of the highest purity and performance quality,” according to Loop Industries’ founder and CEO Daniel Solomita.

The integrated solution will join Loop’s proprietary depolymerization technology with state-of-the-art PET production processes; the technology will take waste PET and polyester fiber that can include PET plastic bottles and packaging of any color, transparency or condition, and carpet and other polyester textiles that may contain colors, dyes or additives, and separate the PET from all contaminants to produce virgin quality FDA-approved food-safe Loop PET resin and polyester fiber, the company says.

“To encourage more recycling at the community level and reduce climate causing emissions, Loop facilities are planned to be optimally located adjacent to large population centers where ample feedstock can be found,” says. Solomita.

This integrated manufacturing design will be the basis for Loop Industries’ commercialization strategy, which is now the company’s focus in order to capitalize on its technology and respond to the demands of consumers, governments, non-governmental organizations and brand owners who have committed to ambitious sustainability targets, Loop says.

Loop’s process decouples plastic from fossil fuels, breaking down waste PET plastic to its base building blocks. These are combined to create virgin-quality PET plastic that can be used for food-grade plastic packaging.

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