Recycled Coke Bottles Fall in Love in British Cinemas

by | Jul 31, 2017

Coca-Cola has been touting its recyclable packaging strategy in the media since earlier this summer, when it announced a goal of increasing the recycled plastic content in its PET bottles from 25% to 50% by 2020. Now, the beverage giant is reaching out to consumers to reinforce its sustainable packaging strategy with a commercial, the set of which was made out of recycled material, mainly Coca-Cola packaging.

The ad campaign, which will run in the UK on cinema, digital and social media, is the company’s largest ever campaign focusing on educating consumers about its recycling strategy. Though the days when sustainability was embedded in most companies as a marketing strategy and “green-washing” was rampant seem to have passed (in fact, a search for the term green-washing on Environmental Leader results in articles mostly dating back to 2008-2010), it can’t be denied that a company’s reputation can be enhanced by touting its commitment to the environment. Coke is taking advantage of its ambitious sustainable packaging goal by reaching out to the general public to educate about recycling.

The ad  shows two love-struck plastic bottles who meet again and again as they are recycled into new bottles, and aims to encourage soda drinkers to recycle, according to Packaging News. The marketing director for Coca-Cola Great Britain points out that all of the company’s packaging is 100% recyclable and “has been for some time now.” He says the ad is meant to help the company reach its aim of “getting all of our bottles back.” In a press release earlier this summer, Coca-Cola said the campaign will reach 35 million Britons. The company will also be putting a new recycling message on bottles this year and promoting recycling to six million people at festivals and events.

Earlier this month, during the U.S.-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue in Washington, DC, China and the US agreed to expand their EcoPartnership program by signing six new cooperative partnerships, including Coca-Cola’s collaboration with the Yangtze River Delta Research Institute of Circular Economy. The EcoPartnership program recognizes and supports partnerships for getting promising innovations into the market, as well as providing opportunities to test and demonstrate policies, technologies, and new approaches at sub-national levels.

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