Tesco Launches Hotline to Streamline Supply Chain Operations and Minimize Food Waste

by | Mar 13, 2017

Tesco has launched an online hub that it refers to as a hotline to make its supply chain operations run more efficiently. The aim of the portal, is minimize food waste hotspots.

The ‘hotline’ is accessible to all Tesco suppliers via the retailer’s online Supplier Network, a resource used by over 5,000 Tesco partners regularly, it says. The ‘hotline’ will serve as a new link between these businesses and Tesco product teams, and it will enable them to alert Tesco to potential supply chain food waste and work together to take action.

Tesco is a British multinational grocery chain and general retailer.

“At Tesco, we have no time for waste, and we are committed to reducing food waste wherever it occurs, from farm to fork,” said Tesco fresh food commercial director Matt Simister, in a release. “The ‘food waste hotline’ is another little help we are making to achieve this with our suppliers. It helps our suppliers gain direct, easy access to our product teams, and this will enable us to identify food waste hotspots and systemic issues and work in partnership to tackle them.”

Food waste in the UK is a huge issue and the inefficiencies in the supply chain operations are a key reason why. Tesco said that it is committed to cutting food waste in the UK by half and that it is now working closely with suppliers to reduce food waste where it occurs.

It points to last summer’s strawberry crop, which ripened at the same time. Tesco said it responded by introducing large boxes of strawberries to stores at a market leading price – helping customers and avoiding food waste on farm.

The hotline is merely an extension of this concept.

Previously, Tesco committed to wasting no surplus food in its UK operation by year-end 2017. The company is furthermore part of Champions 12.3, a coalition of leaders from government, business, research and civil society. That group wants to halve the per capita global food waste at retail and consumer level and to reduce food losses along production and supply chains by 2030.

According to Champions 12.3, nearly a third of all food is lost or wasted globally, which cost $940 billion a year. That, in turn, creates 8% of all annual global greenhouse gas emissions.

Reducing food loss and waste is a significant global challenge and it’s very important that business plays its part,” said Dave Lewis, Group Chief Executive of Tesco and Chair of Champions 12.3. “At Tesco, we’re committed to tackling food waste not only in our own operations but also through strong and effective partnerships with our suppliers and by helping our customers reduce waste and save money. This is an opportunity for businesses to work together and make a real difference to Target 12.3.”

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