REV Demo Project Snags Demand Response Savings for Clifton Park, NY

by | Feb 14, 2017

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A new demand response initiative in Clifton Park, New York, will enable utility customers to save money during periods of peak energy use without doing a thing.

Providence, Rhode Island-based software provider Utilidata announced on February 13 that it would partner with National Grid to deliver energy savings in the Saratoga County town through a Reforming the Energy Vision (REV) Demonstration Project.

“With our technology, we expect to help National Grid achieve a 3 percent reduction in energy demand,” said Utilidata’s Chief Commercial Officer.Josh Brumberger. “In Clifton Park, that equates to an annual savings of more than 5.99 million kWh; thereby avoiding over 4,216 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions. Working together, we’ll provide distribution system insights that improve reliability and power quality for local residents.”

In the order adopting the REV initiative on February 26, 2015, New York State’s six large investor-owned utilities were mandated to develop and file projects that demonstrate the potential of various aspects of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s comprehensive energy strategy for the state. National Grid filed for five projects, including this demand response program.

Under the terms of the utility’s agreement with Utilidata, National Grid will install the software firm’s  Volt/VAR Optimization (VVO) technologyAdaptiVolt – on the electric system in Clifton Park.

Utilidata’s AdaptiVolt solution leverages real-time information from the distribution grid to optimize the delivery of electric power, the company claims.

By optimizing distribution delivery voltages, the technology helps to reduce energy usage at customer locations. In addition, the technology can improve the overall distribution reactive demand, and thereby reduce losses and save energy as electricity travels through the electric distribution system.

“Unlike traditional energy efficiency measures,” Utilidata said, “this enables the utility to save energy without customer action and those savings can be passed on to all customers.”

“The REV demonstration project in Clifton Park is designed to test a variety of innovative solutions to reduce demand and improve the efficiency of the electric distribution system in Clifton Park,” said Carlos Nouel, National Grid’s VP of New Energy Solutions. “The benefit of Utilidata’s AdaptiVolt technology is that we can enable savings for all customers by optimizing voltage.”

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