National Grid Offers Demand Response Savings to Massachusetts and Rhode Island Business Customers

by | Feb 8, 2017

National Grid’s business customers in Massachusetts and Rhode Island can earn up to $3,500 and become more energy efficient by participating in a two-year demand response pilot program, the utility announced on February 6.

The program offers financial incentives to qualified participating businesses for reducing electricity consumption during times when demand for electricity is at its highest. National Grid has teamed up with CPower Energy Management , Enernoc and IPKeys Technologies to administer the demand response initiative.

These companies will ask participating customers to reduce electric use for at least 20 hours over the summer, typically in one-to-four hour increments. Participating businesses are eligible to receive up to $35 for every kilowatt-hour (kWh) curtailed during these reduction periods.

“We are pleased to offer this innovative program that will give customers the technology and information they need to make more informed choices about energy efficiency,” said Carlos Nouel, VP of New Energy Solutions for National Grid. “National Grid hopes to demonstrate that this program and others like it are cost-effective game changers that will revolutionize how customers and business use and budget for their energy.”

Although this is the first commercial demand response pilot launched by National Grid, this is not the company’s first demand response program that has been tested on the electricity distribution system. Most recently, the company was granted an interim extension by the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities (Docket No. 16-149) for its residential demand response pilot Smart Energy Solutions.  Under that program, nearly 15,000 customers in Worcester, MA were able to save $16 per month on their monthly bills by reducing electricity use during times of peak energy use.

“With our headquarters here in Massachusetts, we’re excited to work with National Grid to increase grid reliability, reduce reliance on fossil fuels, and help to manage energy costs throughout the region,” said Enernoc CEO Tim Healy, adding, “Participating businesses can feel good about being part of Massachusetts’ energy solution and getting paid while they are at it.”

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