In the Business of Providing Security and You Want to be Sustainable? Think Production, Packing and Shipping

by | Jan 18, 2017

When most businesses start to think green, they initially begin recycling programs. But it really does involve the whole lifecycle or decision-making process. And that includes everything from production to packaging to transportation.

That’s the premise behind a column in Security Info Watch authored by Jumbi Edulbehram. It is marketed toward those in the security business, as in monitoring for safety at commercial and industrial businesses. However, it has implications for all businesses and no matter their size.

Production is broad topic but the author specifically draws attention to ISO 14000, which is aimed at eliminating the use of hazardous materials and that helps limit a company’s carbon footprint. He also points to the LEED certification that focuses on new commercial building projects and that tries to make them more energy efficient.

Meanwhile, he suggest creating an audit system where companies can examine their whole supply chains. “If a company is using facilities in another country, it’s important to visit the facility to ensure the supplier is being environmentally, as well as socially responsible in regards to working conditions. In the security industry, a lot of the products are made in lower-wage countries with very little oversight on the labor and environmental conditions of production,” he writes.

Packaging, he adds, is an overlooked process. He says that the problem here is in the supply chain that sends out accessories regardless of a customer’s needs. That results in more waste than what is necessary. To that end, he says that recycling processes must be improved — where businesses reuse all packaging and older equipment. At the same time, the needed parts should be sent in one package — not just to reduce on waste but also on excessive shipping.

Finally, he says that disposal is critical: “Some products can contain harmful materials that if disposed of in a landfill can cause irreparable damage. As manufacturers, the industry needs to do a better job in being responsible for our products – even at the end of their lifecycle – by reusing, recycling and disposing of materials properly.”


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