Viridian Allies with Payless Power to Offer Texas Customers an Eco PrePaid Plan

by | Oct 12, 2016

Viridian International Management announced on October 10 that it has formed an alliance with Dallas-based Payless Power, a competitive energy supplier already serving deregulated areas of Texas.

Viridian International Management is a U.S.-based green energy provider with growing international reach. The global company was formed last July by melding the marketing assets of Crius Energy with Viridian’s network of 20,000 independent sales associates.

Through the alliance with Payless Power, Viridian, founded in 2009, now will able to offer customers in Texas a co-branded rate plan, Eco PrePaid,. The two companies define Eco PrePaid, Viridian said, the company now offers a comprehensive range of rate plans in Texas.

Payless Power is a no-deposit electric company based in Dallas that has delivered low-rate energy options to homes and businesses since 2005.

“Payless Power helps customers better manage their electricity usage and budget with both discounted rates and real-time monitoring,” the company claims. Customers receive daily notifications about how much energy they are consuming as a way to monitor usage and reduce costs.

Payless also helps customers stay connected to the grid, regardless of income or credit history. Like many of the Payless Power rate plans, Eco PrePaid does not require passing a credit score or supplying a large cash deposit.

“We are thrilled to be able to offer an alternative, prepaid rate plan to customers in Texas in partnership with Payless Power,” commented Viridian CEO Paul Booth, adding. “Energy customers in Texas are smart and are looking for dynamic options. Eco PrePaid products give these customers daily value and the ease of simple reporting.”

Customers can enroll in Eco PrePaid online, and registration does not require a credit check or deposit. Once registered, customers can load money into an Eco PrePaid account from which funds are deducted as electricity is used. Customers receive a daily notification via text or email regarding their usage, account balance and approximately how many days they have left—based on their average daily electricity consumption—before service could be interrupted. They can add more funds to their accounts by going online, by telephone, or by visiting one of Payless Power’s payment centers.

“Payless Power’s goal is to help customers obtain prepaid electricity service at rates competitive to traditional billed services, but without the hassle, using flexible payment options in order to keep the lights on,” stated the company’s CEO Brandon Young. “In today’s economy, prepaid electric service is becoming more popular with homeowners and businesses. We are excited to partner with Viridian’s dynamic network of independent Associates to ensure that these reasonable options are available to as many Texas customers as possible.”

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