Want a Green and Energy Conscious Business? Try These Ideas

by | Apr 29, 2016

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ledsCompanies intent on going green and saving energy should look to their leaders — the ones who are at the top of the organization and who send off signals to both their employees and the general public by the things they do. That’s according to Environmental Protection, an online publication, which says that chief executives who use solar-and-wind-powered devices to run their laptops and cell phones are sending a positive message.

The publication also says that corporate leaders who join not-for-profit groups that support sustainability efforts can not just learn their options but also use those organizations to help spread the word. Furthermore, if companies can, they should hire a sustainability officer to oversee their eco-evolution while at the same time, they can set certain goals each year such as reducing energy in buildings or processes use by 5 percent a year.

“Executives could create a chart documenting the ongoing progress towards the goal and have a party if the company achieves said goal. Also, businesses should create a dedicated sustainable energy hotline where people can get their questions answered,” says Michael Rogers, operations director for USInsuranceAgents.com, who wrote the story. 

What else? Replace inefficient lighting. Rogers says that nearly 18 percent of the energy consumed commercial buildings is devoted to lighting. By switching to LEDs, or light emitting diodes, businesses can cut into that consumption. And the business can make the move over to alternatively fueled vehicles, go for it.

“CEOs understand how humans operate,” Rogers concludes. “By offering the right incentives, individuals will follow the path set by the leaders.” 

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