Massachusetts Solar Installations Ahead of Schedule

by | Sep 11, 2015

solar-install-energy-manageDevelopers in Massachusetts are installing solar technology quicker than expected. That could enable them to fulfill mandates for solar earlier than the 2020 deadline mandated by Massachusetts. The other possibility is that the quick pace of installation could have the unintended effect of slowing progress, according to

Massachusetts law mandates that the state generate 1,600 MW of solar energy by 2020. That goal could be reached two years early at the current pace. The issue is that there is a cap on net metering credits, which provide financial advantage to customers using solar power. Some companies are nearing their cap. Once reached, the incentive to push solar power fades.

Solar advocates want to reset the caps, which has been done before. The utilities, however, argue that customers using solar are being subsidized by other customers. They favor retaining the cap until an agreement that is fair to all parties is reached.

Solar Industry suggests that Massachusetts has created a landscape in which solar companies can compete using a number of creative business models.

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