Landfill Construction Is More Efficient, Less Expensive with GPS

landfill construction Environmental Leader

by | Sep 16, 2015

landfill construction Environmental LeaderLandfill construction projects can be finished more quickly and with far less money spent using GPS or machine control. GPS finishing allows engineers to achieve more accurate and precise designs, which translates to money saved on materials and labor.

Forester Daily News outlines how to set up a GPS system:

  1. Calibrate the area by setting control points throughout the site. Set control points at 4 or 6 or 8 to play it safe.
  2. Install the base station. Secure the GPS base station between 6 and 8 feet in the air on a stable surface. Maintain this positioning throughout the construction process.
  3. Set up your network and ensure that data can be transmitted to onsite machines. Setting up a wireless network enables the owner or operator to oversee multiple construction projects from a single location.
  4. Create an electronic 3D rendering of the landfill site design that can be used to guide the construction process.
  5. Install the GPS and calibrate it to the base station. Choose a piece of equipment that will be used during construction such as a bulldozer, ATV, or compactor; however, it may not be advisable to install the sensor on the blade.
  6. Transfer the design files to the GPS.
  7. Train anyone who might use the GPS how to use it properly.

GPS technology is also being used to save fleets money and to help frackers reduce compliance risk.

Photo credit: landfill construction site via Shutterstock

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