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AMD Claims Great Strides in Processor Efficiency

by | Sep 18, 2015


Use of the sixth generation AMD’s A-Series accelerated processing unit from AMD will save money and cut greenhouse gas emissions by half, according to the company.


AMD says that an enterprise upgrading 100,000 PCs from the previous generation of processors to the new unit – code named “Carrizo” – would save about $495,000 and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 3,350 metric tons over a three year period. The tests were based on the Greenhouse Gas Protocol established by The World Resources Institute and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development.


Two years ago, the company said that it would improve the energy efficiency of its mobile accelerated processing units by 25 times by 2020. Starting from a 2014 baseline. If successful, a computer in 2020 would take one-fifth the time to perform a task and use less than one-fifth the power.


Computing equipment is ubiquitous, and reigning in its power can generate great environmental and economic benefits. A study released earlier this month by The Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory focused on gaming PCs. It said that they represent 2.5 percent of devices in the field – but consume 20 percent of the overall energy used by PCs.


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