UMD Performing Arts Center Will Achieve 80% Energy Savings with LED Retrofit

by | Aug 17, 2015

UMD Performing Arts Center Energy ManageThe University of Maryland (UMD) Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center (CSPAC) will achieve an estimated 80 percent energy savings as the result of an LED wall washer retrofit. The project included replacing 87 halogen lamps lining the CSPAC’s atrium with LED modules.

The primary goals of the retrofit were to maintain the visual appearance of the space and reduce maintenance costs. The energy savings was considered an added benefit. The halogen wall washers required continual maintenance, including frequent re-lamping and re-aiming of re-lamped fixtures to maintain the desired distribution of light on the walls. In addition, the supply-conductor insulation melted in some of the wall washers.

After considering all known LED alternatives, UMD facilities management narrowed the choices down to either a complete LED wall washer or a retrofit of the internal components of the existing wall washer with an LED module. Mockups showed that light distribution, glare, color, dimming behavior and flicker were unfavorable with the LED wall washer, while the LED module cost less, delivered the desired quality of light and was easier to install.

The US Department of Energy (DOE) recorded illuminance and color measurements before and after the retrofit. Minor visual changes were noted after the retrofit, the largest of which was the amount of light reaching the walls and the floor. Despite the reduced illuminance levels, the illuminance levels met Illuminating Engineering Society of North America recommendations, and the modules delivered enough luminous flux to illuminate the floor so students could safely transition between classes and spaces. Flicker was noticeable but was considered acceptable for this particular application. There were also some changes in the color appearance of the light, which seemed to be related to the fact that different generations of the LED module were used—serving as a reminder of the care that must be taken when ordering products.

No maintenance has been required since the retrofit was completed in March.

The lighting evaluation was conducted under the DOE’s GATEWAY program, which supports field evaluations of high-performance solid-state lighting products in order to develop empirical data and experience with in-the-field applications of this advanced lighting technology.

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