Recommissioning Buildings an Energy Winner

by | Aug 25, 2015

emt art1The benefits of recommissioning buildings – making comparatively small investments to the infrastructure in order to reduce costs and increase efficiencies – is a growing trend, according to a story at The News.

Energy usage is a big part of the draw. An Alerton executive is quoted as saying that reducing equipment repair and replacement costs is a secondary benefit to slowing consumption. He adds that the Environmental Protection Agency estimates that operating costs in recommissioned buildings can be 8 percent to 20 percent lower than non-recommissioned buildings.

There are several less obvious benefits. Smart building technology – and the useful data that can lead to more savings and efficiencies – is a growing driver. The decision to recommission is made easier by utility rebates. Still another draw of recommissioning is that it can enable a building owner to delay the expensive step of replacing HVAC systems.

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