Oil Mist Collector Removes Ultra-Fine Mists and Fumes

oil mist collector

by | Aug 19, 2015

oil mist collectorCamfil Air Pollution Control’s new Handte Oil Expert oil mist collector is built to operate 24/7 for greater productivity, reduced maintenance and long service life, the company says.

The Handte Oil Expert is designed to withstand the most challenging applications that utilize lubricant oils to cool machining operations, meeting even the stringent specifications of the automotive industry. It offers separation efficiencies up to 99.97 percent on 0.3 micron and larger particles, reliably handling ultra-fine, hard-to-capture oil mist and fume particles.

Key features include:

Multi-stage filtration: A first-stage coarse mesh filter separates out large particles and chips, followed by two stages of Camfil APC CoaPack diffusion filters: a pre-filter and fine filter that are the heart of the Handte Oil Expert collector. Media separators in the CoaPacks allow optimum airflow through the filters while providing maximum usable media area within a compact space. This design combines high efficiency separation performance with self-cleaning capability via drainage of the separated cooling lubricant. Benefits include reduced energy consumption, extended filter life of three years on average, and enhanced protection of the optional HEPA final filter, which may be used for removal of ultra-fine mists and/or clean air recirculation, the company says.

Flexible modular design: The compact but sturdy modular design allows optimum installation flexibility. Four basic modules with different air flows may be combined in a large central system. Processes served include turning, drilling, milling, roughing, grinding, broaching, honing, rolling, deep-drawing and pressing. Units can be delivered ready for plug and play without any additional assembly required at the installation site.

Easier, safer maintenance: The operation of the Handte Oil Expert is practically maintenance-free. Filter changes are clean and easy and require no tools. The closed filter cassettes eliminate worker exposure to the oil-soiled filter media and are very lightweight compared to competitive cartridges.

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