Is Apple’s Secret Project Titan a Self-Driving Electric Car?


by | Aug 20, 2015

AppleApple may soon start testing self-driving cars at a former military base in northern California.

The GoMentum Station, a 2,100-acre facility on the site of what used to be the Concord Naval Weapons Station, in Concord, California, has more than 20 miles of paved roads, city streets, railroad crossing and tunnels.

The Guardian obtained Apple documents through a public records act request that show Apple is interested in using the site to develop its autonomous vehicles.

Honda and Mercedes-Benz also use the GoMentum Station for testing their own autonomous cars, Automotive News reports.

Earlier this year, reports surfaced that Apple is moving into the into the zero-emissions vehicle market with a team of more than 100 engineers developing an electric car. The Wall Street Journal reported Apple chief executive Tim Cook is overseeing the secret project, codenamed Titan, and that Apple’s EV is similar to a minivan. Maybe a self-driving electric minivan?



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