ISRI Updates Scrap Recycling Specifications

by | Jul 9, 2015

The Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries has published new specifications in the Scrap Specifications Circular 2015.

The ISRI board of directors has approved three amendments, two additions and one deleted specification.

“Our specifications serve both as broad guidelines and as a starting point in discussions between scrap buyers and sellers in the US and around the world,” according to ISRI chief economist and director of commodities Joe Pickard. “The new and amended specifications were made to more accurately reflect what is being traded in the scrap marketplace and to facilitate trade.”

The scrap recycling industry in the US generates more than $105 billion annually in economic activity and accounts for nearly half a million jobs, according to a study released by ISRI in May.

The first amendment is categorized under ferrous specifications:

  • 207 / No. 1 Busheling is clean steel scrap, maximum size 2 feet by 5 feet, including new factory busheling, (for example, sheet clippings, stampings, etc.). May not include, old auto body and fender stock. Free of metal coated, limed, vitreous enameled, and electrical sheet containing over 0.5 percent silicon.

The following two amendments can be found under nonferrous specifications:

  • RADIO – MIXED HARD/SOFT SCRAP LEAD shall consist of clean lead solids and lead shots free of other materials, such as Drosses, battery plates, lead covered cable, collapsible tubes, type metals, aluminum, zinc, iron and brass fittings, dirty chemical lead and radioactive materials. Review packaging specifications and regulatory status pertaining to shipping with buyer prior to sale.
  • RELAY – LEAD COVERED COPPER CABLE is free of armored covered cable, and foreign material subject to negotiation between buyer and seller.

The following additions are both categorized under nonferrous specifications:

  • VADER – SEALED UNITS shall consist of whole steel cased compressors originating from condensers from air conditioner units, freezers, refrigerators or the like, containing a motor inside. Free of hazardous materials, including chloroflourocarbons (CFCs) or other refrigerants and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs). No loose iron or extra iron attachments such as framework permitted.
  • DARTH – BALLASTS (fluorescent) shall consist of whole and complete fluorescent light ballasts containing copper inside. Must not contain polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs). Electronic ballasts subject to agreement between buyer and seller.

The deleted specification pertains to a nonferrous material:

  • RAILS [should] specify whether automotive, industrial or mixed. Also whether they are groups or loose. The only other metallic that might be included could be lead connectors. To be free of non-metallics, i.e., plastic or rubber, with the exception that separators may be included. Material to be dry. May be bought on an assay basis or a flat price. Submarine plates subject to negotiation. Review packaging specifications and regulatory status pertaining to shipping with buyer prior to sale.
  • ISRI’s scrap specifications are internationally recognized guidelines used by buyers and sellers of recycled materials and products including nonferrous and ferrous scrap, glass cullet, paper stock, plastic, electronics, and tire scrap. The specifications are intended to assist the trading of scrap commodities and are regularly reviewed and updated to reflect the expanding range of commercially recyclable materials.


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