How to Treat Landfill Leachate

landfill lechate treatment

by | Jul 1, 2015

landfill lechate treatmentWhile the most effective way to reduce landfill leachate — any liquid that enters the facility and passes through waste material on contact — is to keep it out of the facility with a close-as-you-go approach, Agru America offers a number of treatment options in a blog post.

The company says an impermeable closure system using Agru America’s geomembrane products that include an Integrated Drainage System (IDS) meet all requirements for closure.

Agru America says other leachate treatment options include:

  • Diversion: keeping harmful materials from ever entering the landfill.
  • Pretreatment: surface ponds, biological reactors, physical/chemical plants, constructed wetlands and reverse osmosis.
  • Land application: grasses and trees can absorb certain contaminants.
  • Recirculation: sent back into the landfill, the water helps speed the breakdown of organic materials.
  • Evaporation: leachate is sprayed onto the working face, the surface of a storage pond or mechanically evaporated on-site.
  • Wetlands: natural processes speed treatment in lined, constructed wetlands.
  • Hauling: a costly last resort.


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