Toshiba Demos PV, Fuel-Cell, Battery, Hydrogen System

by | Apr 21, 2015

H2OneToshiba is demonstrating operation of its H2One, an independent energy supply system based on renewable energy and use of hydrogen as a fuel for power generation. Toshiba installed the system at two locations in Kawasaki: the Kawasaki Marien public facility and Higashi-Ogishima-Naka Park in the Kawasaki Port area.

H2One combines a photovoltaic installation, storage batteries, hydrogen-producing water electrolysis equipment, hydrogen and water tanks, and fuel cells. Electricity generated from the photovoltaic installation is used to electrolyze water and produce hydrogen, which is then stored in tanks and used in fuel cells that produce electricity and hot water.

Since H2One uses only sunlight and water for fuel, it can independently provide electricity and hot water in times of emergency. In times of disaster, H2One will use stored hydrogen to provide an estimated 300 evacuees to the site with electricity and hot water for about one week. The H2One system is housed in a container and can be transported to disaster-hit areas on trailers.

In non-emergency operation, H2One’s hydrogen energy management system is used to contribute to peak shift.

The demonstration project will verify the effectiveness of a hydrogen-based emergency electric power and hot-water supply and a hydrogen energy management system in normal operating circumstances at both of the Kawasaki sites.

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