Spotlight on Award Winners: GreenCharge Networks GreenStation ‘Solves Multiple Problems’

by | Apr 6, 2015

green charge networks image reducedThis article is sponsored by Green Charge Networks.

Green Charge Networks’ GreenStation intelligent energy storage system has been selected as a winner of the 2015 Environmental Leader Product of the Year Award.

As one judge said, the GreenStation is a “nice innovation in an emerging market, solving multiple problems (or capturing multiple opportunities) with a single product/application. Benefits both users and providers by lowering the total cost of operation for each in managing peak energy demand. The potential uses are unlimited.”top product of the year resized

Green Charge Networks’ GreenStation is an intelligent energy storage product that combines battery storage with real-time analytics software, helping businesses save money on their monthly electric bills and lower their operating costs, the company says. Historical and real-­time data are stored into a cloud-based network operation center. As the system learns the site-specific load profile characteristics, the predictive algorithm adjusts the second­-by-second charge/discharge profile to minimize demand charges. The GreenStation energy storage system pumps out electricity during the spikes in demand and recharges during demand lulls to flatten load profile and reduce demand charges.

The root technology is a smart controller with software that monitors facility loads on a second-by-second basis and counteracts peaks and valleys in demand by optimizing when the battery charges and discharges. The net result is a flattened power load curve during peak consumption periods, with attractive financial implications for both the customer and the electric utility.

Green Charge Networks says that over 20 companies and cities have installed the GreenStation to reduce their demand charges by up to 50%.

The City of Santa Clara worked with Green Charge Networks after recognizing that curbing energy (kWh) consumption alone was not enough to sufficiently reduce energy costs, and that power (kW) saving measures would bring added benefits. The City’s new state-of-the-art Levi’s Stadium – a $1.2 billion facility that serves as the new home of the San Francisco 49ers – uses an  overflow parking garage that sees incredible spikes in demand during certain hours on game days only, caused by the EV chargers, elevators, gates, and similar loads. The City therefore realized that managing power demand, while complementing its environmental and electricity-saving initiatives, would provide yet another cost-effective solution. Green Charge Networks worked with the City and Silicon Valley Power to design and install a 30 kW / 30 kWh GreenStation and DC Fast Charger at the Tasman Drive Parking Structure. The energy storage solution mitigates spikes in demand caused by electric vehicles, elevators, gates, and other building loads when fans arrive for game days. The GreenStation also mitigates intermittency in production of the 300kW solar car port on the garage’s roof. By signing a Power Efficiency Agreement (PEA) with Green Charge, the City of Santa Clara was able to bring a DC Fast Charger and GreenStation energy storage system to the garage at absolutely no cost to the City or to 49ers’ fans. In sharing in the demand charge savings, the City of Santa Clara was able to successfully reduce operating costs of their beautiful new LEED Gold stadium and related facilities, Green Charge Networks says.

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