Siemens Expands Water Treatment Options for Commercial, Industrial Buildings

Silver Bullet

by | Mar 13, 2015

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Silver BulletSiemens and Silver Bullet Water Treatment have entered into an agreement that will help broaden Siemens’ offerings of non-hazardous chemical water treatments, allowing customers to lease the technology to treat cooling tower water onsite.

Siemens recently ran several tests at three of its customers’ facilities to quantify the cooling tower water treatment claims made by Silver Bullet and to complement the existing tests already performed by the company. The tests found the Silver Bullet technology helps kill harmful bacteria, remove scale and control corrosion. It also significantly reduces water, electricity, and chemical usage, lowers operating costs, and can help commercial and industrial buildings earn LEED credits as well as municipal and tax rebates.

In traditional systems, various chemicals such as chlorine are added to water to control bacterial growth, calcium build-up and corrosion. Transporting, handling and storing these chemicals could be hazardous to the environment and to workers. Alternatively, the Silver Bullet process uses a very strong and effective EPA-recognized disinfection method called advanced oxidation process (AOP).

Silver Bullet’s patented AOP technology generates highly reactive hydroxyl and oxygen-free radicals, which oxidize contaminants in the water and kill bacteria. Other remaining oxygen atoms keep minerals such as calcium in solution, which prevents scaling. For calcium adhered to walls and surfaces, the reactive oxygen atoms break down the build-up so the calcium chips away and remains suspended in the water.

With its small footprint, the Silver Bullet system is scalable to any tower size. The companies say it can be installed in less than a day, with no interruptions in electric or HVAC service. There are no upfront capital costs because the systems are leased within a service contract.

Property developers Lerner, Carr and WC Smith, and Washington, DC historic hotel Willard InterContinental saved money and cut their water, electricity and chemical usage after installing Silver Bullet water treatment technology.

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