Non-Chemical Water Conditioners Prevent Scaling, Improve Equipment Operation

Scale Prevention

by | Feb 6, 2015

Scale PreventionFluid Dynamics’ catalytic technology can prevent and remove scaling without chemicals and in a way that doesn’t harm the environment, the company says.

The company says its most recent success is on the West Indian island of Barbados where the water is very hard but care of the environment is paramount.

At the Ministry of Agriculture ice plants in various market locations the icemakers kept breaking down due to scale buildup. Fitting 3/8-inch Scaletrons manufactured by Fluid Dynamics stopped all scale build up and now five machines are protected and all running without interruption, the company says.

Additionally, at Fason’s foods too ice machines kept breaking down due to scaling after fitting a Scaletron the problem was solved.

Hotel group Sandals purchased a new hotel that was plagued with hard water problems in the kitchens. Scaletrons were fitted on the feed to the boilers and the feed lines to the ice machines. The head chef of the hotel is delighted with the performance of the Scaletrons, Fluid Dynamics says. When the hot water boiler was opened recently the deposits of calcium were soft and simply washed out previous problems with the ice machines were eliminated.

The Club Resort and Spa had similar problems and again by fitting Scaletrons on the water inlet to machines and hot waterheaters the problem were eliminated.

Fluid Dynamics has installed of its catalytic non-chemical technology throughout the world, from Coca-Cola in South Africa to Honda in Thailand To Unilever in Argentina to major supermarkets in the UK such as Marks & Spencer and Waitrose.

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