DESMI Says Oil Spill Recovery Product Makes Single-Vessel Cleanup More Efficient, Less Costly

by | Feb 3, 2015

desmi oil spill recoveryA new oil-spill recovery product makes it easier to clean up spills with just one vessel rather than two, leading to easier, faster and more cost-effective clean-up, according to DESMI, manufacturer of the recovery product.

Deploying and coordinating two vessels to operate an oil spill recovery boom between them is more expensive and logistically challenging than one, but one-vessel solutions have been severely limited by problems associated with size, weight, and the comparatively slow speed at which they operate, says DESMI. A new aquatic device, DESMI RO-Vane, replaces the functions of a second vessel; combined with the DESMI SpeedSweep boom and the DESMI RO-Skim, the company says its system is faster, easier and more cost-effective to deploy.

The RO-Vane component of the single-vessel system, deployed behind the recovery boom, helps keep the shape of the sweep, while the RO-Skim skimmer located at the apex removes the contained oil from the apex. At the same time, the heavy-duty, rubber SpeedSweep boom with its multiple permeable barriers boosts the speed at which oil can be recovered from the industry standard of 0.7 knots to as much as 3 knots – a lift of more than 350%.

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