Wastewater Treatment Saves Winery $4,000 on Sewer Surcharges


by | Jan 29, 2015

BioGillA new wastewater treatment system has saved a Canadian winery $4,000 annually on sewer surcharges and removed as much as 97 percent of biochemical oxygen demand from the winery’s wastewater, Storm Water Solutions reports.

Ontario’s Cave Spring Winery needed a better filtration system. The Bloom Centre for Sustainability, a nonprofit organization that connects industry with technology providers, connected the winery with EcoEthic. The wastewater treatment company installed a BioGill system (pictured), an above ground, non-submerged bioreactor.

EcoEthic says the technology is helping resorts, tourist parks and industry achieve regulated discharge standards and eliminating sewer use surcharges. BioGill’s BOD removal during a treatment cycle can be between 90 percent to 99 percent, depending on the makeup of the waste stream and operating temperature, the company says.

Earlier this week Mitsubishi Electric said it has developed a water treatment technology that enables industrial wastewater and sewage to be recycled on a low-cost basis.



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