Tankless Hot Water Heater for Commercial Applications

by | Jan 27, 2015

Intellihot energy manageIntellihot rolled out the iQ1501 – a new product in its line of tankless hot water heaters. The iQ1501 delivers 1.5 million BTUs (British Thermal Units) with no storage tanks required for high-cycle commercial applications.

The iQ1501 offers 50 percent increased capacity from the iQ1000 model, in a compact unit weighing 680 lbs. and 30” wide, fitting through most elevator doors. The tankless water heater supplies 41 GPM at 70°F temperature rise non-stop, and enables users to cascade and common vent four units together for 164 GPM at 70°F rise.

Intellihot says the iQ1501 eliminates single-point failures using its patented masterless controls and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

The iQ1501 not only heats water on-demand, but learns building recirculation to manage unit power and temperature control. The self-learning building recirculation using Intellihot’s iNTouch (optional factory-installed BMS) cuts pump power usage by 30 percent.

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