NutriLED Helps Plants Thrive, Saves Energy

by | Jan 28, 2015

NutriLED energy manageHubbell Lighting’s NutriLED provides spectrally-tuned light to optimize growth and germination for indoor horticulture operations.

Plants only absorb the blue wavelength and red wavelength portion of light, not utilizing any of the other wavelengths. NutriLED’s blend of red and blue wavelengths and light intensities for chlorophyll absorption means there is virtually no wasted energy producing spectrums of light that are not beneficial to plant growth, according to Hubbell.

The NutriLED offers up to 88 percent energy savings over traditional non-LED grow lights, and as a direct result of reducing the radiant heat produced by conventional lighting technology, water usage can also be reduced up to 50 percent and the need for supplemental HVAC cooling loads may be completely eliminated for some applications, says the company.

Specifically designed to allow for multiple mounting configurations, the NutriLED can be installed linearly or in parallel, providing beneficial light to plants from virtually any angle.

A Purdue University study found that tomatoes grown around LED lights in the winter can significantly reduce greenhouse energy costs without sacrificing yield.


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