A Look at the Peer-to-Peer Energy Benchmarking Process

by | Dec 9, 2014

Wegowise Energy ManageBy gathering benchmark data, WegoWise helps building managers see how their buildings are performing compared to other, similar buildings so that they can prioritize energy retrofits. The Energy Collective summarized how WegoWise developed its peer-to-peer energy benchmarks.

First, WegoWise uses the DOE’s “Guide to Determining Climate Regions by Country” to filter buildings based on climate zone.

Buildings are then grouped by heating source. The type of heating fuel is not factored into the analysis.

Finally, buildings are grouped by size and height. Height is particularly important for benchmarking because high-rise facilities are typically less efficient than low- and mid-rise buildings.

WegoWise has benchmarking data on more than 25,000 buildings.

In September, WegoWise launched WegoScore to rate the efficiency of apartment buildings. WegoScore is a numerical assessment of an apartment building’s utility usage.

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