Genomatica’s Biochemicals Closer to Commercialization

Genomatica Integrated Biotech Platform

by | Sep 11, 2014

Genomatica’s integrated Genomatica Integrated Biotech Platformbiotechnology platform has created microorganisms that achieved a “titer” (concentration of product) of over 50 grams per liter in less than half the time required by its earlier program.

This marks an important step on the path toward commercialization and validates the platform’s ability to engineer microorganisms for chemical production, the company says.

Genomatica’s platform converts alternative feedstocks to major chemicals.

Genomatica’s first commercial process, Geno BDO, was developed using this platform. With it, the company reached commercial-scale production in only five years.

BDO and its derivatives are widely used for producing plastics, solvents, electronic chemicals and elastic fibers.

The Geno BDO process directly converts feedstocks to a chemical that is not naturally produced and has produced thousands of tons to date. The BDO program required 27 months to reach over 50 grams per liter.

The latest example was achieved as part of Genomatica’s butadiene development program. In this program, too, Genomatica is using its platform to design a microorganism and process to make a chemical that is not naturally produced; and in this case, only 10 months were needed to reach the 50 grams per liter.


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