EOS Climate, Jaco Environmental Close the Loop on Refrigerants

by | Jun 3, 2014

EOS Climate’s Refrigerant Asset System (RAS) has been integrated across all 27 of Jaco Environmental’s appliance de-manufacturing facilities in the US.

The companies say this creates the world’s first transparent, cradle-to-cradle solution for refrigerants recovered from residential appliances and vending machines.

Refrigerants, which are thousands of times more potent greenhouse gases than CO2, are often released into the atmosphere due to improper handling of refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment at end-of-life.

It has historically been nearly impossible to ensure responsible handling of refrigerants due to a lack of transparency in the supply chain, the companies say. This has been a challenge for consumer facing brands attempting to ensure corporate social responsibility.

Jaco Environmental, which pioneered the de-manufacture process for refrigerators and vending machines in North America, says it is the first appliance recycler to accurately and efficiently track all refrigerants captured to ensure proper environmental outcomes. For chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) collected from older units, Jaco guarantees third-party verified, UNEP approved destruction; Jaco recovers and recycles newer hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), reducing demand for virgin HFC production.

Earlier this year EOS Climate announced it would provide the DuPont refrigerant distributor network access to its RAS, which was launched in November.

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