CO2 Solutions, Neumann Systems Demonstrate Carbon Capture Pilot

by | Jun 18, 2014

coal power plantCO2 Solutions has partnered with emissions control provider Neumann Systems Group for a carbon capture pilot demonstration.

The companies expect the combination of their two proprietary technologies will result in a significantly lower cost process for the capture of CO2 from industrial effluent gases.

Following this pilot, the companies anticipate co-marketing a combined product for profitable application in enhanced oil recovery (EOR) and other existing and new CO2 sequestration and reuse markets.

This announcement comes two weeks after the Obama administration announced first-ever carbon emissions rules for existing power plants.

The pilot combines CO2 Solutions’ enzyme-based technology with NSG’s high mass transfer gas-liquid contactor technology, known as NeuStream. NSG says its technology has a significantly smaller footprint than current technologies, with development to date demonstrating the potential to reduce CO2 capture equipment capital costs by up to 50 percent.

CO2 Solutions has demonstrated that, using conventional CO2 capture equipment, its enzyme-based system can generate cost savings in excess of 30 percent compared to conventional solvent-based processes. Additionally, its technology enables the use of low-grade, nil-value heat from industrial sources, thus reducing process energy costs.

Initial large bench-scale testing of CO2 Solutions’ enzyme-enabled carbon capture solvent with NeuStream has already yielded positive results, the companies say. The upcoming pilot demonstration will capture approximately 10 metric tons per day of CO2.

The pilot is scheduled to run for one month, beginning in April 2015, at NSG’s Colorado Springs facility.

Photo Credit: coal power plant via Shutterstock

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