Geotech Updates Fixed Biogas Analyzer


by | May 20, 2014

GeotechGeotech’s fixed biogas analyzers are now available with additional options for moisture management to help with challenges from wet biogas.

A new variant on the GA3000 PLUS also provides oxygen (O2) measurement designed for very low O2 levels, and new pre-calibrated cells for all models will reduce onsite service downtime even further, the company says.

Geotech fixed analyzers were first launched in 2011 with the GA3000, a gas analyzer for methane (CH4), CO2, O2, and hydrogen sulphide (H2S). This single-sample point system for continuous monitoring evolved in 2012 to become the GA3000 PLUS, and included options for up to three sample points as well as high and low H2S for pre and post desulphurisation monitoring. The GA3000 PLUS can also optionally monitor CO and hydrogen H2 as additional gases and is available with Modbus and Profibus communications.

There are now more than 300 Geotech fixed systems installed in a variety of applications across the globe, from waste water treatment in the UK, to palm oil processing in Malaysia, and CHP engine protection globally, the company says. For 2014, Geotech’s latest improvements to the GA3000 PLUS cater for the varying needs of a wide range of anaerobic digestion (AD) and biogas applications.

GA3000 PLUS has new options for additional moisture management.  Biogas is generally very humid and condensate can form within the system, leading to failures and damage if not managed correctly. The company says gas chilling systems can be expensive and fragile, so it developed a simple, robust system suitable for all biogas monitoring applications. This is an add-on option to the GA3000 PLUS, which is already designed to offer resistance to problems from wet biogas.

One feature is the automated drain feature on the catch pot. This removes the need for an engineer to visit site to maintain this part of the system, saving time and resources. The range of user-replaceable parts has also been extended to include pre-calibrated electrochemical cells, allowing them to simply be replaced with no need for user calibration.

In addition to these new features, the continuous monitoring variant of the GA3000 PLUS, the GA3KPLUSC, has been superseded by the new GA3KPLUSE.  The GA3KPLUSE has an improved O2 measurement to give a longer life on the O2 cell in O2 deficient applications, the company says. It uses an automated daily three-minute air purge to keep the O2 cell healthier for longer, reducing operating costs.


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