AEG Creates Wireless Battery Management for Energy Storage Installations

by | Apr 4, 2014

AEG Energy ManageAEG Power Solutions is offering a wireless battery cell control and monitoring system for large battery energy storage applications. AEG has developed the new MoniStore-SC.BCCS wireless battery cell control system for operation with conventional batteries.

The battery sensor is connected to the battery’s negative pole. It continuously monitors the functionality of the individual battery cells by measuring cell voltage and temperature. The wireless sensors transmit all relevant parameters via the Zigbee protocol to a receiver module, which transfers the data to an evaluation unit. Here it completes the information with other parameters derived from the data received for the energy management system.

The new system provides wireless communication for safe electrical isolation and monitoring of large battery systems with more than 300 single cells, connected in series. The system does not require complex cabling as it only needs the measuring clamps and no additional cables. Each cell provides the power supply for its sensor. The new system is designed for global use with lead acid or Ni-Cd batteries.

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