Preserve Rolls Out Fuel Saver

by | Feb 20, 2014

trucksPreserve Technologies has rolled out its ONBOARD ECVD system that reduces oil and fuel consumption in buses and trucks.

The company says that system operators can save up to 11 cents per mile, avoid oil disposal liabilities, clean the environment, and preserve engine life.

The system is simple. While the standard oil filtration system is untouched, a small amount of oil is deviated to the ONBOARD ECVD system to be further refined.

  • Stage one filters all particles larger than three microns. A commercial engine’s standard factory-installed filter only filters particles to 30 microns.
  • Stage two extracts liquids — water, unburned fuel, glycol and other substances — by evaporation and convection. The vapors are not released to the atmosphere, but are re-burned in the combustion chamber.

According to the company, fleets changing oil eight times per year on 700 trucks would save $1.7 million annually in oil changes.

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