Online Registry Tracks Credits

by | Feb 11, 2014

EcometricaEcometrica’s online tracing and registry software addresses the need to ensure that certified products or certificates of environmental benefit can be traced back to a specific farm, forest, plantation, ecosystem or mining operation.

Trace to Source is an online registry platform for managing environmental credits and certified materials. It allows you to trace certificates and materials at any point in the supply chain back to their source. This reduces potential overlapping claims and facilitates verification of origination.

The registry functionality ensures that products or certificates or certified material cannot be diverted or “double-counted” through the chain of custody and allows traceability to source to be applied at any stage of the chain.

It is integrated with Ecometrica’s geospatial data platform, Our Ecosystem, which allows any source area to access relevant geospatial information – such as land use changes, extreme weather events, vegetation condition, fires or other hazards.

Ecometrica provides subscription software services to over 250 companies worldwide.

Trace to Source is relevant to these primary producers and their supply chains:

  • commodities biofuels
  • environmental certificates (forest carbon, biodiversity)
  • bioplastics
  • forestry
  • clothing materials
  • water
  • minerals

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